The Rombo Code

Anyone does not belong to Rombo

It is us who have been following you. You cannot hide or disappear. We have already found you. There is no way back.

You’ve got something we want and need. Your skills and aptitudes make you a very special candidate for us. Do not let us down

We form a secret society perpetuated over the centuries, where only a select few have the task of guarding and protecting the secrets of history.

This is our goal: to safeguard the secrets that are in the wrong hands. You’ve got 60 minutes to do it, will you achieve it?

Get in, think, work together and escape.

Dare achieve it… You are already part of The Rombo.

Our missions

But who is behind all this?

Well, in a parallel universe closer to Earth we are also a newly created company in Madrid by four partners and friends very eager to make a living out of our passion for logic games, mystery and magic codes. The Rombo Code has an immense ambition, to get our customers to immerse themselves in an adventure in a different reality for 60 minutes, to escape from the work routine and real-world problems. Our motto is a quote from the best escapist of all times, Harry Houdini, “My mind is the key that sets me free.” This is our business vision which we dream to live to the fullest and spread it to our employees and partners.

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My brain is the key that sets me free

Harry Houdini

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