The mystery of Don Quixote

capitulo 43 Quijote

We need to warn you that this mission is going to be of maximum difficulty. Everyone knows El Quijote but what you might not know is that in its first edition one of the chapters was missing. Why did it disappear? One of our informants has provided its location, just before it is destroyed. Beside it, a playing card with a strange circle again. If you want to belong to The Rombo Code you have 60 minutes to solve the mystery of the chapter 43 and escape before you get caught. Read more

Level of difficulty
Fear factor

In 1605, Miguel de Cervantes wrote the first part of Don Quixote. Today, there is still an unsolved enigma: the mystery of the chapter 43. Historians tell us that in the press of the 1st edition, the manuscript passed from chapter 42 to 44. What was hidden in it? We know that it is currently in the Cervantes House Museum in Alcala de Henares. You will get in as part of a group of tourists on a guided tour. During your visit, your group will attend a play at the Corral de Comedias, which lasts exactly 60 minutes. This is the time that you have to get into the museum, locate and get back the chapter 43. You have got only an hour before the guide notices your absence … or perhaps something or someone more dangerous.