Casanova‘s Escape

(up to 5 people)

As applicants to The Rombo Code, you will need to reclaim an object they had given up for lost. We don’t know its content but Casanova’s secret documents may change the history as we know it. If you want to belong to The Rombo Code you’ve got 60 min to reclaim them and escape before you get caught. Read more.

Level of difficulty
Fear factor

In 1767, days before he was arrested in Madrid, the international spy, artist, priest, scientist and gallant Giacomo Casanova “met” a Madrid girl whom he asked, in-extremis, to keep all his research as a spy and for which he was persecuted.

We know that she hid the documents in the old inn where Casanova stayed. Specifically in the street Cruz, in Madrid. The last descendant of that young historian obsessed with Casanova and the documents he guarded, just died under mysterious circumstances. Also, our informants have intercepted a message encrypted with a strange circle in the signature. We are not the only ones who are interested in the documents and after the external examination of the corpse you have only got 60 minutes to find the secret documents and escape. We cannot risk these falling into the wrong hands.